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At Fuel Digital, we are experts in the business of law. We can implement, integrate and customize Filevine to be your all-in-one solution. Filevine is a powerful and highly customizable platform. We can unlock its power through efficiency focused solutions that let work happen where work should happen, using integrations and automations that allow your team to focus on the tasks that matter most. 

Our Partnership

Fuel Digital and Filevine have partnered to bring the very best to their clients since 2019. As a premier partner, we have supported Filevine growth and product expansion since nearly the beginning, and developed many impactful solutions, quick start products, and customizations, unlocking the power of Filevine. We have a deep, expansive, and tested knowledge base enabling us to meet your needs and realize the results you’re looking for.

Our Services

Filevine Implementation

Ready to get started with case management in Filevine? Fuel can lead you through the process to standup and configure your Filevine org. We have strong Project Management and deep Filevine experience to ensure an efficient and complete implementation for your firm.


If you need Filevine to talk to your accounting system, postage and labeling service, your phone system, or some other business-critical application, we can help. Fuel has deep expertise in custom integrations and has built several to work with Filevine.


Eliminate duplicate entry, remove additional clicks, and move data into and around Filevine more efficiently using Automations. Fuel is experienced at implementing automations and developing custom Workato or Zapier solutions that streamline and create efficiencies in your process.

Support & Maintenance

Are you live on Filevine but still need help supporting or enhancing its capabilities? Whether it’s implementing new templates, sections, custom fields, deadline chains, reporting, or a custom integration, Fuel can help.

Business of Law Guidance

Want to get the most out of your investment in Filevine but not sure where to start? We bring a deep knowledge of Filevine along with over 30 years of business and accounting experience, to help you maximize your ROI with Filevine.

Data Migrations

New to Filevine but still need your historical data? We specialize in mapping, exporting, and importing data from many legacy systems to Filevine.

Data Syncs

Whether you need your case data in Filevine to sync with other programs, or just keep your document creation and revisions in sync with a separate storage location, Fuel can help build custom data syncs so you never lose your valuable work.

Custom Services

Have an innovative idea or just want to be more productive with your resources? We are experts at converting ideas to reality using technology.

Quick Start Products

Aside from complex integrations, we also have some pre-developed products for the identified repeat needs of our Filevine clients. Here are just a few examples of products we have developed that can be further customized to your organizational needs…

QuickBooks: Check Requests

Our QuickBooks check request integration is an efficient, proven way to move case-related transactions from Filevine to your accounting system, reducing double entry and improving workflow. Available for both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop users. Now over 200+ installations for Filevine clients. LEARN MORE

Copitrak: Two-Way Sync

The Copitrak integration is a two-way sync with Filevine. We pass matter related data to the copier/scanner/printer, and from Copitrak, we pass cost information back to Filevine to post expense entries to the applicable matter. The frequency of these transactions is configurable. Typical implementation time from the initial meeting to live is 1 week.

Dropbox: Document Back-up

The Dropbox integration copies all folders and new or edited documents from Filevine to the cloud. As documents are added or updated in Filevine, these actions are synced to Dropbox in a one-way sync.  The implementation can start building the backup in Dropbox and sync documents on a going forward basis only or, it can also include an initial sync to capture all historical documents.

Postage Label & Expense Capture

Our Postage Label & Expense Capture integration lets you capture postage expense at the matter level, and then print your labels or envelopes all inside of Filevine.

Soluno: Time & Billing

Our Soluno Time & Billing integration allows users to move time entries entered in Filevine’s billing module to Soluno. Includes the ability to create client and matter records in Soluno as needed.

YoCierge: Check Request Automation

For current YoCierge customers that want their transactions sent directly to QuickBooks, our YoCierge solution can auto-trigger those transactions to the Staging Portal where they can be sent to QuickBooks (using our QuickBooks Check Request integration).

RingCentral Integration

Bring your team’s phone activity into Filevine. With the RingCentral integration, you’ll centralize client communication and never let another phone call fall through the cracks.

Mass Tort Solutions

Our integrated Settlement Disbursement Screen displays the correct data from Filevine to help you allocate settlement amounts for disbursement, including Firm Fees, Expense and Lien Reimbursement, Outside Counsel, Medicare and PLRP payments, as well as the Client or designated Recipients. 

Web-Based Client Intake Forms

Fuel has built many web-based forms that optimize data entry and workflow supporting the client intake process by integrating with and depositing data directly into Filevine. This allows for automated input of the data, and automated client and matter creation.

Custom Products

Fuel has extensive experience with imagining and developing custom solutions for our clients. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to solve problems that impact one or many.

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