August 12, 2022


Written by Joshua Barlow
Legal case management software integrations.

Filevine is a cloud-based case management software for legal practices, allowing users access to files and client data from anywhere. Filevine reached out to Fuel Digital to build integrations between its core case management platform and its users’ other business-critical systems. 

Our team assesses the needs of Filevine clients to determine the most efficient and cost-effective integration solution. For more straightforward systems, we utilize Zapier to create data connections across environments. When the need is more complex, we utilize Workato or create custom integrations to ensure that the solution delivers exactly what our client needs.

          Workato logo

Custom “Zaps” integrate work environments.

Using Zapier, we are able to create two-way integrations between Filevine data and critical data that lives in any other area of a work environment. Custom “Zaps” allow us to move data into Filevine from places like custom webforms, mailboxes and even other areas of Filevine. We can also trigger the data transfer from Filevine into other applications when events in Filevine occur, like project creations or executing a taskflow.

Filevine to Quickbooks custom middleware integration.

Filevine has no built-in accounting platform capabilities, specifically the ability to initiate payments on behalf of clients or at settlement. Firms had to perform duplicate data entry, first to record the transaction against a case, and then again in their accounting platform to initiate a payment. Filevine reached out to Fuel Digital to build a middleware integration between their core case management platform and QuickBooks accounting system.

Our team designed, built, and integrated a middleware portal between Filevine and QuickBooks. Users are now able to enter data once and initiate a payment transaction from Filevine. Transactions appear in a queue where users may group payments across clients by payee to limit the number of checks printed. The transactions are then sent to QuickBooks for payment with no additional entry required. The integration sends data both ways: returning payment information as well as voided check information from QuickBooks back to Filevine. This robust queueing system creates better visibility across clients and ensures accurate and timely payments. The solution has effectively become an extension of the Filevine core offering and will be updated to integrate with multiple accounting platforms in the future.