January 23, 2024

Getting Your Firm In Shape With Filevine

Written by Zach Banister

New Year. New You!
Getting Your Firm in Shape with Filevine  

You’ve got that new year motivation… Channel that same energy into your business.  Evaluate the health of your business the same way the new year makes you think about your personal health.  Getting started is the hard part…  

Let’s remove the elusivity by starting with these questions: 

Question 1: “What does my firm need to maximize its potential?

Get lean and shed away the processes that are holding you back. 

  • Evaluate your current process and break it down! 
  • What software am I using and what does it solve? 

When you think of maximizing, you want to have in mind time, money, steps taken. The more steps, the more time, the more time, the more money.  

If your current software does not solve all your needs or is not saving you time, ask yourself and employees what they love about what you have and what is just not working.   

Fuel Digital is proud to partner with Filevine to bring you a tech stack that does it all and can revolutionize the way your firm is doing business. Already on Filevine? Keep reading to learn more about some features available to you in 2024 that can save you serious time! 

Now it’s time to talk about those gains! How can you maximize your technology and time to build your firm’s reach, strength and power. 

Question 2: “How can I add some muscle?”

Filevine offers a quick and easy approach to serious growth by building strength and power within your tech stack and custom offerings. 

  • Does your current stack have features you are not leveraging?  
    • These are usually free to low-cost options. 
  • Can I benefit from new technology or custom work?  
    • Considerations: 
      • Up front cost 
      • Long term gain potential 

These maximizations might come down to your current budget for 2024 but should not be an obstacle to you taking the first step.  Let’s look in detail at Filevine, one of Fuel Digital’s partners, and some of their features you could be implementing in 2024. 

Consider the following options for adding some muscle and maximizing this software. 


Simple, little to no additional cost features: 


  • Save time by setting up tasks based off phase changes. 
  • You’re taking this step in the process anyway, why not gain the extra benefits? 
  • Setup automatic tasks based off button clicks. 
  • This will save you the time of manually creating tasks or pinging someone when you have completed your part of the process. Just 1 little click on the section you’re already utilizing!  

Sidebar AI  

  • Not sure what has been happening on a project? Ask Filevine!  
  • Open up the sidebar feature, introduced in 2023, and click the graph icon at the bottom to get a 7-day activity summary! 


  • Still typing up the same email communications day in and day out?  
  • Create an email template with default To and CC options. One click and the email is written and ready to send out.  


  • Are you capturing Intake data on paper, or writing up Case Summaries manually? Stop!  
  • Update your template with the fields you need and create a click-of-a-button document that pulls information you have already collected for key intake and accident information. 



Up front cost long term gain: 


  • Do you have repetitive, but necessary, fields across multiple sections and are having trouble keeping them in sync?  
  • Do you need a check entry every time you enter or update certain liens? 
  • Do you need tasks created based off Date Fields? 
  • Save time by asking Fuel Digital about automations. 


  • Using other software outside of Filevine to accomplish daily tasks?  
  • Save time by integrating and have your technology stack communicate.  
  • Checkout some of Fuel Digitals ready-built solutions!  
    • Stamps.com 
    • FedEx 
    • Copitrak 
    • Quickbooks 
    • Soluno 
    • Dropbox 
    • Sharepoint 
  • Ask us about our custom integrations and how we’ve helped solve unique needs for our clients!  

Lead Docket 

  • Stop cluttering your Case Management system with leads that go nowhere. 
  • Move your core intake to Lead Docket and capture data with simple Lead Forms that can be sent directly to potential clients.  
  • Track your costs by knowing where your best leads come from by routing your online leads directly or by manually entering your marketing source for every lead.  


  • Struggling to create a settlement sheet or Demand Letters? Have standard contracts that go out all the time? 
  • Add a click-of-a-button template that pulls in all the information you need from multiple collection sections. Easily edit to narrow down what you want displayed and send off for signature!  

Filevine AI 

  • AI is the buzz word right now and Filevine has done it right!  
  • Save time and let Filevine take the first pass at summarizing long medical or accident reports.  
  • Easily track pains scores over time.  
  • Use this data to draft your Demand letters. 
  • And so much more… 

*We don’t recommend AI taking the place of a person, but it CAN save time by weeding through all information.  

If you have only heard of these features in passing, or you aren’t prepared to handle them on your own, reach out to us at Fuel Digital!  

If you’re not a Filevine client, or if the sound of evaluating your business and its full stack of technology seems scary, that’s what our Product Managers and Business Analysts do best! Give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to help take you to the next level, achieve your goals, or even help you get up and running. No matter what you want to achieve, we simply help solve the complexities of your needs.