December 11, 2023

Glucroft Investigations

Written by Zach Banister

Case Management System & Filevine Integration

Glucroft Investigations is a nationwide private investigation firm based out of Los Angeles, offering a multitude of services but specializing in insurance related-Investigations. The Glucroft Team had the need for a web-based application that would allow their clients to streamline the process of submitting investigation orders online, while also being able to manage the incoming orders internally through an administrator portal.


Through our long-time partner, Filevine, Fuel Digital was connected to the Glucroft Investigations Team to fulfill that need. We began the project will a full discovery phase, learning the various investigation types, understanding what the clients’ needs were, and balancing that with the fundamentals required for the internal Glucroft Team. With that knowledge in hand, we moved into developing comprehensive wireframes to present a user-friendly, web-based platform to house and manage incoming investigation orders – the Glucroft Application.


Glucroft Investigations also wanted to integrate with Filevine to make it even easier on their clients by offering a two-way sync between Filevine and the Glucroft Application. “Glucroft Orders,” a custom Filevine web application was built for that need. Glucroft Orders allows for Filevine users to submit investigation orders specific to their Filevine case and utilizing pre-existing Filevine contact cards. After an order is submitted, a record is created in the Filevine “Activity” feed to establish two-way communication between the Glucroft Application administrators and the Filevine users, providing users of both applications a seamless and efficient mode of interaction.


After extensive development and QA efforts performed by both the Fuel Digital and Glucroft Teams, we launched the Glucroft Application and Filevine integration. We continue supporting both platforms, while also gearing up for additional phases of work.