December 4, 2023

Data Migrations

Written by Zach Banister

Our team of data migration specialists have worked with over 50 law firms to move from their old case management system into Filevine. As a result, we have had the opportunity to explore and understand over 15 different case management systems. With years of experience, our team never misses a beat when it comes to migrations.

What does the data migration process look like?


  1. Scoping

The first step in the data migration process involves gaining a solid understanding of a client’s current system as well as their goals for Filevine. In this phase, we lay everything out on the table so that both the client and our team have a clear sense of what is to be expected throughout the project. Migrating a firm’s data to Filevine is a team effort – our clients are involved in every step of our process, so you’ll never be left in the dark.


  1. Implementation

Our data migration team works closely with the implementation consultant – whether that be our specialist at Fuel Digital or a third-party firm. Customizing your Filevine environment is a crucial piece to the data migration puzzle, and working with an implementation consultant will ensure that it is built to support both your needs and ours. The entire data migration process relies on a firm’s custom-built Filevine template. This is the foundation of all things Filevine.

  1. Backups

Once the scope of the project has been determined, we will officially kick off the data migration process. The first step is obtaining a backup of our client’s data. Our specialists walk clients through the steps required to sync their data and documents to a secure “bucket,” which is stored using Amazon Web Services.


  1. Mapping and Alignments

Having worked with a plethora of case management systems, our team has a deep understanding of what can and cannot be done with a client’s data. During the mapping process, we assist clients in determining where data should go in Filevine – whether that be similar to where it was in their old system or not. Throughout the mapping process, we also ask our clients to complete data alignments when necessary. Alignments become increasingly important when a firm wants to clean up or change any data values that existed in their old system. Once the firm signs off on the completed map, it’s time to sit back and let our data migration engineers work their magic.


  1. Testing

After our data migration engineers have finished the behind-the-scenes work, which involves combing through a client’s data and scripting it into the proper fields as determined by the mapping phase, we present our clients with a preview of what their Filevine organization will look like. During this phase, clients are given an opportunity to see all of their hard work come to light. Our team will provide firms with 1-2 tests for them to review before officially launching in Filevine. We cannot stress the importance of this phase enough – this is the time to make any adjustments before we get to the real thing!


  1. Go-Live

This is the point when a firm officially moves into Filevine! At this time, we will have the firm provide a fresh backup so that the data going into Filevine is as up to date as possible. Most often, our team will spend time over a predetermined weekend to get a client launched in their live environment, as we do not want clients to have to stop operations in the middle of the week. But we don’t stop here…


  1. Training

Once a firm is live in Filevine, we will generally schedule 1-2 half days to hold training sessions for everyone at the firm to learn all things Filevine. We know that moving to a new case management system can be overwhelming at times, so we want to help make the transition as smooth as possible.


  1. Support and Maintenance

We’ve got your back! Once the firm is live in Filevine and everyone has adjusted to the transition, we offer support in all things Filevine. We can even help you with integrations, automations, and implementations. Check out our Filevine page for more info!