August 12, 2022

Massanutten Resort

Written by Alvin Cox
Mobile app catered to resort visitors.

Massanutten is an all-season adventure resort in Virginia. Guests often had trouble navigating the 6,000 acre property and the staff struggled to communicate a massive list of amenities and activities available on any given day. Our team partnered with Massanutten to design and create a mobile application dedicated to effectively disseminating information, driving sales, and supporting customer service.

Interactive location-based mapping, an aggregated itinerary builder with in-app booking, and personalized marketing are just a few of the key app features designed and developed by our team. We defined a content strategy, workflows, wireframes, and a style guide, then conducted user testing with resort visitors and employees. Numerous integrations provide information like weather and ski conditions in real time. Users can explore the resort, reserve activities, and connect with resort staff quickly and efficiently.

The Massanutten Resort App launched in early 2020 in both Google Play (Android) and the App Store (Apple).