August 12, 2022

MirrorShow & PepsiCo

Written by Zach Banister
Interactive touchscreen mapping.

Fuel Digital partnered with MirrorShow, a leader in customized trade show exhibits, to create interactive data visualization experiences for PepsiCo at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) 2018 and 2019 trade shows.

PepsiCo has robust customer data but needed new and interesting ways to present their insights to convenience store owners. Our team combined interface design with complex data to create multiple touchscreen experiences for one of PepsiCo’s biggest conferences of the year.


One experience featured data-driven placement of over 160,000 convenience stores on an interactive map of the United States. The user had access to store attributes and demographic data filters to refine their view. Once a store was selected, a second dashboard displayed KPI’s, a relevant customer profile, demographic data, and product sales opportunities for that store.

Another experience included an interactive set of sliders to select demographic data such as ethnicity, median annual income, geographic location, and age. Once these attributes were set, the user was shown a custom store floorplan with selectable hotspots. This activated 55” screens that display PepsiCo products with targeted insights using planograms and store displays.


The 2019 exhibit featured a two-screen experience that allowed users to tap on various consumers in-store to reveal audience segment demographics and brand affinities. These shopper insights inform specific, actionable recommendations that reinforce PepsiCo’s analytical power to drive store traffic. Our solution functioned seamlessly across hardware, allowing a cohesive experience between iPads and touchscreen monitors at the trade show.

Our team also enhanced the custom floorplan and planogram experience from 2018 with an improved 3D-style user interface.

Previously, PepsiCo relied on video in their exhibits which limited their ability to adapt the experience year to year. With our custom solution, the product can be enhanced in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our solution also includes a web-enabled version accessible via URL to make the product valuable beyond the context of the NACS trade show.

NACS 2019 was an overwhelming success. Our exhibit was ranked #1 by a third-party effectiveness evaluator (Hunter Club) who reviewed 146 NACS exhibitors. Effectiveness was evaluated based on creativity, presentation, interactivity, digital presentation and product presentation. 

Ian McIntosh

Fuel Digital has been an invaluable partner for our team. Consistently delivering solutions with skill and ease to complex problems. Helping build stable interactive applications as well as understanding the relationships across multiple teams. We love working together.