August 12, 2022


Written by India Williams
Project Management Outsourcing 

Proxios is a premier information technology solutions company that specializes in implementing IT infrastructure and end point managed solutions for small to mid-sized companies that lack an existing IT infrastructure. After company changes in 2019, Proxios found themselves short on project management capabilities to support in-flight projects and a growing queue of new implementations to be managed. It was becoming increasingly more difficult to show progress against projects and properly utilize resources across multiple workstreams.

Proxios partnered with Fuel Digital to provide project management resources to drive forward a number of projects in various stages of completion. In doing so, we brought core PM processes and tools to the projects, and supported existing Proxios resources in providing more accurate resourcing capabilities and reporting. Detail project plans were developed for each of these engagements to support resourcing, timeline management, internal and external reporting. A formalized and documented status reporting process was implemented, ensuring team members and clients were always aware of progress being made, action items, risks and key milestones to be hit. These actions also supported a transition to a contract development process that is based on an estimate developed by the team resourced to do the work, rather than trying to fit the plan and work to a contract based on prior projects. Lastly, through scheduled and constant communication our PM’s made sure internal and external expectations were set and roadblocks cleared such that the team and client knew what was happening and what their roles and responsibilities were towards achieving the end goals of the engagement.

In just a few months, we were able to help Proxios move forward and bring to completion several projects, as well as kickoff new work from the queue.  This has allowed Proxios Business Development to aggressively pursue new opportunities that will fill the pipeline for the foreseeable future.