August 19, 2022


Written by India Williams
Data Visualization & Interactive Dashboard  

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an international NGO with a mission to conserve nature. WWF has partnered with Fuel Digital to work with their ReSource: Plastic team on a web tool that allows members to upload and report on plastic usage year over year. The ReSource Footprint Tracker project is part of a larger WWF vision for No Plastic in Nature by 2030. 

The ReSource: Plastic team needed a tool that could use a company’s own data to track plastic use and estimate the fate of those plastics based on country-level waste management practices. Prior to Fuel’s engagement with WWF, the ReSource Footprint Tracker was a manual process using data housed in spreadsheets. The Fuel team was tasked with analyzing the highly complex data model and architecting a solution that would not only automate the process within a custom webtool, but also display visual representations of the data within reports and an interactive dashboard. 

We began the partnership with a discovery phase to ensure that our team understood and captured all of WWF’s needs and requirements. This allowed our UX team to create wireframes and comps to visualize what the tool would look like. Not only did our team incorporate all the functional requirements, but we also developed a sitemap and design based on an existing WWF ReSource style guide.  

The development of the web tool was highly complex due to the features and functionality that WWF needed. In addition to development of the data visualization and interactive dashboard features within the web tool, our development team implemented multiple unique roles and permissions along with a large admin section. This is where WWF administrators can manage users, organizations and groups. Admins also have the ability to edit the data model that member data is run through on a regular basis.  

Finally, once development was complete, our team managed a large-scale UAT effort. Not only did WWF employees participate, but individuals from member companies such as Amcor, Keurig Dr. Pepper, Kimberly-Clark and others were selected to assist with UAT testing. In addition to managing UAT, Fuel Digital delivered a comprehensive training guide that can be utilized when onboarding new member companies.  

Fuel Digital is grateful for our continued work with WWF on enhancements and updates to the web tool!