November 16, 2023


Written by India Williams

Samuraitix Case Study

Samuraitix, a Ticketmaster owned product, is a ticketing management system that streamlines the process of inventory management, real-time, and guest list related sales. Additional functionality includes options for payment plans, a customer service portal, and an extensive Fan Request allocation engine. The product had a large backlog and needed a partner to step-in to help establish structure, introduce new processes, add fresh development resources and quality checks. Fuel Digital, having previously worked on features related to this product, was approached to fulfill that need.


Our team consisted of a full-time project manager, a group of experienced developers and dedicated QA resources. We collaborated and worked closely with several external parties, aiming to bring more value and best practices to the product and it’s processes.


Following an agile project management methodology, our teams conducted three-week sprints, met daily to discuss progress & potential blockers, regularly reviewed, categorized, and prioritized product backlog items, and held retrospectives to remove workflow impediments and improve team collaboration.


The outcome of our collaborative efforts was a significant reduction in the product backlog, resolving over 200 tickets, and making significant progress on the product roadmap.