November 16, 2023


Written by andrew perkinson

Ticketstoday Backend Update & Redesign

Ticketmaster Entertainment LLC is a worldwide ticketing company based out of Beverly Hills, California consisting of many different subsidiary businesses all over the world. The Ticketstoday team, one of their products, set the ambitious goal to upgrade backend processing services and redesign their ticketing platform to address increasing demand for performance, availability, data processing, and internationalization. Ticketmaster was looking for a competent partner to help brainstorm and implement solutions and transform the legacy ticketing platform into one fit for the modern market.

Having previously worked with other Ticketmaster products, Fuel Digital was brought on to be that partner. The project was begun with an extensive kickoff and discovery phase, where we gathered information from the VP of Music, team leaders, and the development team in order to understand the goals and motivation behind these improvements.

Upon completing the discovery, Fuel began integrating into the team. Our Project Manager implemented daily stand-ups for the two-week sprints, and ensured each sprint was reviewed and discussed upon completion. Organizational workflow updates were also made in order to streamline the process of getting a ticket from idea to production. For our developers, security was upgraded across the system, ensuring safe data transfer. The
internationalization undertaking added support for global locales with the
implementation of culture-specific date-time and currency formatting and a
translation system for text site-wide. Database upgrades and cloud storage were applied to improve data storage and presentation to customers. Amid these larger projects, other smaller tasks that improved performance and user functionality were completed. Our QA team ran in parallel with
development and undertook both manual and automated testing for story
tickets and releases over the course of the project.


Through our work on the project, Fuel was able to help complete multiple epics within the larger Ticketstoday project. This resulted in dozens of tickets, across many sprints, being completed efficiently and on time.